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The partnership sees Numio applications utilizing Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage), and Storj adding the non-custodial, zkRollup powered, Numio app as an operator payment option.
Kicking off the first phase of the Storj integration will be the Numio app offloading key digital assets to Storj DCS, an encrypted, decentralized object storage product. This does two important things—it allows the Numio app to be more performant with optimized file storage, and it also further abstracts assets such as profile photos, token images, and other application media to the decentralized cloud.
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The integration allows users of the Numio mobile app to quickly, and easily, swap one ERC-20 token for another. Thanks to Paraswaps DEX aggregation system, token swaps within Numio will be at the best rate possible. The benefits don’t end there though. As both Numio and Paraswap are both building on zkSync’s ecosystem, swaps will be faster, and a lot cheaper, than those you will find on Ethereum’s Layer 1*.
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Numio is the first mobile app to integrate zkRollups into a mobile application, and the first on zkSync. zkSync's Ethereum Layer 2 (zkRollup) technology allows users to make instant and low fee transactions on Ethereum within the Numio mobile app.
zkSync is building the first zkEVM, which is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible zkRollup. This will allow for any Ethereum dApp to scale while being able to retain Ethereum's security. You will be able to interact with the zkSync ecosystem by using the Numio mobile app.
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Numio is building on top of Facetec, which is a 3rd party software provider building 3D Liveness, 3D Face Matching, OCR, and NFC technology. You are able to experience how Facetec is utilized inside of the application when backing up your wallet or recovering it using Standard Backup/Recovery.
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The MoonPay integration allows users to buy cryptocurrency with credit or debit cards. There is a list of 25+ cryptocurrencies that are able to be purchased and sent directly to your noncustodial wallet on Numio. MoonPay is supported by 180+ countries around the world, and 45+ US states.
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