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Connect through Desktop/Labtop

Step 1: Go to your Favorite Website

In this example, we are going to use Uniswap. Head to, and when the website asks for you to "Connect to a Wallet", tap on this. *Please make sure you are using the correct URL when connecting or interacting with any website. Numio is not responsible for any lost funds*

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

First step is to select "WalletConnect", which will allow you to connect your Numio wallet to the dApp.
After selecting WalletConnect, you will see this QR code which you will be able to scan.

Step 2.1: Open up Numio

Open up your Numio wallet. If you haven't created an account, you can do so here:
Once you are on the main dashboard on your account, tap on the QR scanner. You can find where this is below:
Next, scan the QR code on the site, and connect your account.
Select the wallet you wish to connect with from the dropdown menu, and then tap on "Connect".
Now you have connected your wallet to the dApp. Congrats! 🚀✨
As a note of caution, always be careful of the dApps you are connecting with outside of the Numio wallet. Make sure to check the URL and ensure that it is correct!
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Step 1: Go to your Favorite Website
Step 2: Connect your Wallet
Step 2.1: Open up Numio