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Advanced Backup
Registering via Advanced Backup forgoes the cloud backup and biometric security for those that want a bit more control, or who don't use Google. This option requires a username for ease of use, but does not require a phone number (optional) or email.

Step 1: Get Started

Open your Numio Application and on the Welcome screen, tap the Register button.

Step 2: Create Your Account

To create an account, you will be asked to enter your Account Name and Numio ID* of your choice. The Numio ID acts as your username on the platform.
Next, you will need to either choose a predefined profile picture or upload an image from your phone.
And don't forget to check the box after you read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Tap the Continue button.

Step 3: Advanced Backup

By selecting the Advanced Backup you will be required to manually write down your Seed Phrase and Numio ID. Once selected, tap on the Continue button.
f you want to backup your account via the DeFi Backup method, select DeFi Backup (Advanced) and tap the Continue button.
The next screen shows your seed phrase. Write this down and save it somewhere safe and then tap the 'I've Saved My Phrase and ID' button.
Once saved, you will need to confirm the Seed Phrase and your Numio ID by tapping each word in the correct order. After that, tap the Confirm button to proceed.
Never, ever, tell anyone your seed phrase or enter it into random websites - think of it as money.

Step 5: Success!

! You have successfully created your Numio Account.
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