Numio Docs

Recovering Your Account

If you have previously created a Numio account you can recover using the Recovery option on the welcome screen.

Step 1: Open Numio App

Open the Numio Application and tap the Recover button from the bottom of the screen.

Step 2.1: Standard Recovery

Recover with your Cloud Drive

For Standard Recovery, you will need to have access to the Cloud Drive that you registered with - once you have that, you are ready to start!
Tap the Standard Recovery and then tap the Continue button.
Now enter the email address you registered with and tap the Confirm button.

Allow access

Optional - Give Numio permission to access your Google Drive.
Disclaimer - Numio can only view and access the Recovery Key from your Google Drive and has no access to any other files. Further information about this feature and security can be found on the Google Support pages:

3D Face Verification

In order to access your account, you will need to verify yourself with your 3D Facial Biometrics.
In order to do this, tap the Enable Camera button and allow camera access.
After that, please follow the instructions from the screens. Make sure to not wear glasses, have proper lighting in the room, and be photogenic!

Recovery successful

Boom! You have successfully recovered your Numio account. Congrats! 🎉

Step 2.2: Advanced Recovery

For those who don't want to use Google services, you can recover your account through Advanced Recovery. For that, you will need the following:
  • Your 12 Word Seed Phrase (mnemonic).
  • Either the email address you used to register the account or your Username (Numio ID)
Once you have all those things, you are ready to go!
Now, enter the email address or Numio ID you used to Register and tap Confirm.

Enter your Seed Phrase

Here you will enter your 12 Word Seed Phrase that you stored safely away from everybody. If you are not storing it offline currently, please do so.
To enter the phrase just type the words, with no capitalization, and with a single space between each word.
When you have done that, tap Recover.
Never, ever, tell anyone your seed phrase or enter it into random websites - think of it as money.

Recovery Successful

Boom! You have successfully recovered your Numio Account. Congrats! 🎉