Numio Docs

How to Receive or Request from an External Wallet on Numio

You can send assets from any supported (Ethereum & zkSync... more coming soon 👀) Web3 wallet to your Numio account.
If you would like to have funds sent to your Numio wallet, you can have them sent to either your Ethereum address associated with your account or to your Numio ID (if sent from another Numio account).

Step 1: Tap on Receive

To find your wallet address, if receiving funds from an outside wallet, tap on the Receive button on the main dashboard.

Step 2: Select the Wallet

Select the wallet that you want to have funds sent to. This could be an imported wallet, your Ethereum Wallet, or zkSync wallet.
For lower fees and instant transactions, you can use your zkSync wallet.

Step 3: Copy the Ethereum Address

Copy the Wallet address. You can then use this address to send funds to your account on Numio from an external wallet.

Alternatively, you can Request your contacts to send funds to your Numio ID

Step 1: Select Asset to Request

On the same “Receive” screen, tap on the asset you are requesting (e.g. ETH).

Step 2: Choose the Token and Amount

Enter the amount you would like to request. This could be in dollar amounts or the amount of the native asset.

Step 3: Tap on Request 🎉

Tap on Request, and send that to your friend!