Numio Docs
Transfer from Layer 1 to Layer 2

Step 1: Internal Transfer

Tap the Internal Transfer button situated on the wallet modal.

Step 2: Select your first wallet

Here you will need to select your desired Ethereum Wallet if you want to transfer from Layer 1 to Layer 2. Note that it is possible to select a Layer 2 wallet in case you want to transfer your funds back to Layer 1.
In order to navigate to your wallet, this can be done by either using the "Sort" button or by hovering through wallets.
After selecting your desired wallet, the screen with tokens will pop up. Here you will need to tap your desired asset that you want to transfer over.

Step 3: Select your second wallet

Here you will tap on the available Layer 2 wallet, in this case, zkSync Wallet
. Once selected (denoted by the
icon), enter the desired amount you want to transfer over to your second wallet. Once done, tap the Continue button. Here the Confirm Transfer screen will pop up. Tap the Transfer button once you made sure that all the information is correct.
You will want to make sure you have enough ETH in your Layer 1 wallet to pay the network fees to move funds into your Layer 2 wallet. If you do not have any ETH, you can purchase some by following these steps:
In case you want to import a wallet to move those funds onto L2, check out this page.

Step 4: Transaction successful!

After finishing Step 3, your transaction will be shown in the Transaction tab from the Main Dashboard. You can tap the transaction for more details as shown on the right screen below.
Congratulations, you have made a successful transfer into your Layer 2 wallet!