Numio Docs
Send to another Numio ID
On Numio, we give you a ton of customization in terms of how you can interact with other people by using your money, especially for sending it in a peer-to-peer manner. You are able to send money to Numio IDs, or even to external Ethereum wallets.

Step 1: Tap on Send

On the main dashboard, tap on the Send button.

Step 2: Enter Numio ID

Enter a Numio ID, or the Ethereum address, associated with the account you are looking to send to.

Step 3: Select your Wallet to Send from

Select the wallet you would like to send from. You can "sort" by Network by tapping on "Sort".
In case you want to transfer from an external wallet, first, you will have to import that wallet and afterward continue the following steps in this tutorial. Check out the page below on how to import your wallet.
Next, choose the token you would like to send, and enter the amount you would like to transfer, either in USD or the amount of the native token. Once done, tap the Continue button.
If you so dare.... you can also add in a note to include in the payment! 📝

Step 4: Review & Confirm the transaction

Tap on "Continue".
Review & Confirm the transaction 😎.
If you are looking to send your funds to an external wallet on Numio (external Ethereum address), you can find the tutorial here: