Numio Docs

Transfer from Layer 2 to Layer 1

If you have funds on your zkSync wallet (Layer 2), you are able to move it to any Layer 1 Ethereum wallet, or imported wallet.

Step 1: Tap on Internal Transfer

Tap the Internal Transfer button situated on the top screen on the wallet modals.

Step 2: Select the wallet you would like to send from

Select your zkSync wallet you would like to use. In the future you will be able to import outside zkSync wallets and balances.
In order to navigate your wallets, you can use the "Sort" button to find your desired wallet.
Select the token you would like to transfer, and then tap "Continue".

Step 3: Choose which wallet you are sending to

At this point, you are going to determine which Layer 1 Ethereum wallet you would like to send your funds to. Once it is selected (denoted by the
), enter the desired amount you would like to transfer over to your Layer 1 wallet.
Once everything looks correct, tap on "Continue".

Step 4: Review and Confirm the Transfer

This is the confirmation screen to review the transaction. Tap the "Transfer" once you have made sure all the information is correct.