Numio Docs

How to Trade on Ethereum

When trading on Numio, you can choose whether you want to trade on mainnet, or a variety of supported L2 solutions (more coming soon!)

Step 1: Tap on Trade

Once you have funds ready, head to the Trading screen.
If you would like to review the charts of the asset you’re looking to buy/sell prior to making a trade, tap on “Charts”. Alternatively, you can tap on “Trade” to move forward with making your first trade on Numio!

Step 2: Select your Wallet to Trade

First, select the “From” token, and choose the wallet you are trading from.

Step 3: Select what Token to Trade

Once you have selected the correct wallet, tap on the token you would like to trade. In this example, we will be trading from Ethereum ($ETH).
Select how much $ you would like to trade. You can select the maximum amount, in dollar amounts, or in the asset amount.
Make sure you have enough leftover for network fees!
If you are trading on Ethereum mainnet with an asset other than ETH, there will be 2 fees
  1. 1.
    Token approval fee.
  2. 2.
    Network fee.

Step 4: Choose what Token to Purchase

Select the asset you would like to trade into.
Once everything looks good, tap on “Swap”!

Step 5: Review & Confirm the trade

You will be brought up to a confirmation trade screen.
Review your trade, and click on Confirm! Congrats, you’ve just made your first trade! 🥳